Harmonia Logic, with its wide range of products, was not created overnight. Rather, it is the result of a long journey from the idea of a harmonic action logic through many research and development steps to ever better tools and working formats. Always building on the knowledge and practice of systemic theory, supplemented by the ideas of several pioneers of science (including physics, psychology, philosophy, sociology and economics). And validated by the intensive testing of what has been developed in practice in ever new fields of activity. Because only that which helps the customer in a practical way will last!


Here is a brief outline of the company's development:



Finalization of the methodology as "Wisdom Thinking®". Launch of "Wisdom Thinking®" training courses, including "Wisdom Thinking® Coach".


Launch of the online tools under the name Harmonic Guides.

Harmonia Academy and Harmonia Logic merge into a corporation with three divisions: Tools, Guidance, Academy.

Launch of a network of action-systemic (harmonic) experts.


Harmonia Academy offers education and training in its own methodology. The first run of the training on Harmonic Facilitation is a great success.

Start of the development of an online tool that translates the canvasses into digital form and enables the use of the method by all without training.


Further development of the tools: The Action Navigator becomes the Harmonic Action Canvas as a basic version of a family of Harmonic Canvasses.

The Harmonia Academy becomes a corporation, the guidance unit becomes Harmonia Logic. Second MANICAMP.


Publication of the Harmonia Manifesto "12 Theses for our actions in the 21st century". First MANICAMP on the Manifesto, book publications on Manifesto and MANICAMP.


Harmonia Academy starts as a separate training institution with a focus on hands-on management courses for practitioners from all kinds of industries and fields.

Regular lecturing at scientific conferences, e.g. the DGSF.


Increasing lecture activity at congresses and conferences in the fields of economy, science and health.

Lecturer activity at universities and private training academies.

New fields of activity in science management, municipalities and nGOs.


Both pioneers throw their activities together in Harmonia Partners GbR, although they "never ever" wanted to work together because they already live together. But the common ground in professional concerns and approach was too great; to continue working side by side would have been impractical and nonsensical. And surprisingly, it works brilliantly!


New fields of activity with self-employed/freelancers and in the market of business consultants and lawyers.

With Cooperative Consulting, Dr. Elke Böckstiegel offers her own consulting services in the areas of conflict, negotiation management and cooperation.


Beginning of long-term cooperation with partners in the field of creativity and innovation as well as in the areas of organisational development, conflict and leadership.


Further development of the methodology, application to organizational constellations. Research work for planned book publication on the harmonic methodology.

New field of activity organisational development in schools.


Development of a variety of work formats with the methodical anchor of harmony and resonance, from individual coaching to "soundshops" in DAX companies.


Dr. Martin Böckstiegel founds Harmonia Consulting: Development of the harmonious methodology and consulting services. The action navigator as the ancestor of today's tools is created.


Moreover, Harmonia Logic is connected with many partners. In networks and cooperations, which have enabled us to pursue our concerns for years in topical contexts that we as Harmonia Logic cannot or do not want to cover alone. This also applies to our social commitment. And last but not least, we have always regarded our many customers as our partners, and we would like to count you among them soon.