WisdomThinking® Coaching

The WisdomThinking® coaching training makes you a wise supporter for your clients in 15 days. You help clients with the WisdomThinking® approach to quickly and comprehensively get the necessary overview for their concrete situation and on this basis to gain a good orientation, to recognize options for action, to find harmonious solutions and to make safe decisions with a clear conscience, best of all with the enthusiastic involvement of all concerned.




Why Coaching with WisdomThinking® ?


Resonance as a crucial additional dimension: The WisdomThinking® coaching training is a compact, very practical coaching training with a big plus: the WisdomThinking® approach. Because with it you expand your coaching skills by a crucial dimension: To think and accompany the concerns of your clients also from the resonance. Because all of us, with our actions, are not isolated actors in an adverse environment that needs to be controlled or conquered. Rather, we are impulse generators in an environment of resonant, i.e. interacting, influences that need to be perceived and taken into account. This change of perspective and mastering its effects in coaching practice is the core of this training.


Fit for future: Coaching with WisdomThinking® is the answer to the fact that many established action skills are no longer sufficient for the future. And it starts today. Skills that were made for stable, predictable contexts - for example in the industrial mass production of the past - need to be expanded for the requirements of the sustainable knowledge economy with its complexity, unpredictability and ambiguity (VUCA). So that your customers can deal with it more confidently


  • with the confusion and complexity of a VUCA world
  • the dysfunctional effects of outdated but still valid system orientations
  • with virtual, diverse and new work environments (New Work)
  • the urgent and immense sustainability and digitization tasks.


This requires the special twist, the change of perspective that WisdomThinking® brings to the art of coaching.


Target group: The WisdomThinking® coaching training is aimed at internal and external coaches, process consultants, trainers, OE/PE developers or consultants and anyone who wants to work with this methodology on the concerns of other people or organizations. Whether realignment, self-organization or collaboration, new work, virtual or diverse teams, internal or external coaching, everywhere WisdomThinking® takes coaching to a new level.


The intensive training also gives ample space to practically work on, experience, practice, reflect and share on your own topics. It also contains in a compact and practical form important background knowledge, the teaching and practice of general coaching skills as well as a whole bag full of practical experience and tips in dealing with coachees, clients and economic realities, which is very much appreciated by our participants.



What can you do better at the end of the training?


At the end of WisdomThinking® coaching training, you will be able to confidently

  • work with the WisdomThinking® method and the Harmonic Facilitation Guide
  • help your client quickly and thoroughly to clarify his or her situation and concerns
  • identify how different influencing factors relate to each other in the process
  • better identify the client's concerns
  • thereby gain strength and orientation for their further actions
  • find new harmonious solutions
  • help to decide more confidently under uncertainty (VUCA) (alone or in a team)
  • involve all participants or even make them (co-)actors and
  • then get what needs to be done really effectively "on the road".


Because WisdomThinking® strengthens their ability to "read" the context of a decision well, thereby minimizing bias and noise in their judgment (Kahnemann) and thereby also better engaging all stakeholders.


Training content:


Content of Module 1: Kick-Off (3 days)

  • Compact introduction to the resonant mindset as a central basis for WisdomThinking®.
  • Getting to know the method with its change of perspective towards the perception of the context as a reservoir of interacting resources.
  • Working with the HarmonicGuides as practical tools with their strong visualization, structuring and logic
  • Working out and practicing the harmonious approach, first in the simplest application case, namely the action of the individual.


Content of Module 2: WisdomThinking® as a Coach (2 days)

  • The perspective of working with third party concerns
  • Dealing with process, factual, professional and relationship levels
  • Subjectivity of soundness
  • Mindset of the coach, especially impartiality, non-judgmentalism
  • Special Coaching Skills at WisdomThinking®
  • The art of resonant conversation.


Content of Module 3: The Work Process of the WT Coach - Part 1 (2 days)

  • The specifics of third party concerns in different roles and constellations
  • The field perception: Perceiving forces and their resonances
  • The acquisition of a harmonious overall picture
  • From the field perception to the sharpening of the concern
  • The concern as a source of strength and orientation for the next steps.


Content of Module 4: The Work Process of the WT Coach - Part 2 (2 days)

  • From concern to options for action to solution (phases 3 - 5)
  • The internal and external perspective of working with groups and teams
  • Dealing with contradictions and conflicts
  • From solution to implementation (phase 6)


Content of Module 5: The personality as a coach and the coaching relationship (2 days)

  • Own blind spots as a coach, self-image, values
  • One's own biography and "déformations professionnelles
  • Authenticity and independence of the coach
  • Triangular relationships, clarification of assignments and the business side of coaching
  • The coach as (non-)participant in conflicts in the client field


Contents of module 6: Coaching of leaders

  • The specific roles and styles of leaders in organizations
  • Project concerns and the ability to think holistically about a team from one's own leadership role and to take it along along the concern
  • Mastering the complexity of one's own concerns, the options for action up to the achievement of harmonious solutions and their transformation into implementation steps
  • Coaching with founders, especially Co-Founder Alignment


Content of Module 7: Conclusion, presentations and transfer

  • Review and rounding up of the training
  • Presentations of a WT Coaching case from your own consulting practice as a final work
  • Transfer of WT Coaching into the own daily work routine
  • Certification


More information:


Start and End Times:

Day 1 of each module: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.,

Days 2 and 3, if applicable, each: 09:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Number of participants: min. 6 and max. 12 participants.


Course management and trainers:

Dr. Martin Böckstiegel and Dr. Elke Böckstiegel


Scope of services:

  • The modules together comprise approx. 130 teaching hours of 45 minutes each plus breaks (approx. 120 time hours including breaks).
  • Drinks and snacks are provided.
  • License to use the Harmonic Facilitation Guide for your own work during the training.
  • All working materials will be made available in a separate log-in area created for the training.
  • Certificate of Completion.



The participation fee is EUR 7,200 plus 19% VAT (EUR 8,568 gross). Installment payment and discount on request.


For participants who have already successfully completed the WT Mentor training, participation in the very similar modules 1 - 3 can be omitted on request, reducing the participation fee by EUR 3,360 plus 19% VAT (EUR 3,998.40). The remaining participation fee for modules 4 - 7 then amounts to EUR 3,840 plus 19% VAT (EUR 4,569.60 gross).


Contact and registration:

Harmonia Academy, Tel. +49.3491.8731377 or kontakt@harmoniaacademy.de


The course description as PDF and the dates as PDF.