Concern (Anliegen)

We have transferred the art of HARMONIA to our everyday world and have come across a powerful concept: concern orientation (Anliegenorientierung). It leads away from the illusion of comprehensive controllability to orientation along a (common) concern. And precisely because of this, it enables a completely different way of dealing with major challenges such as uncertainty, opposites or complexity.


Up to now, professional action has mostly been characterized either by goal orientation (typical, for example, of top-down structures, pressure for efficiency, thinking in terms of success, business) or by interest orientation (typical, for example, of bottom-up structures, participation, thinking in terms of equality, law and politics). The more stringently one of these orientations is pursued alone, the more likely it is that the other will wither away. With consequences that have to be "repaired" in a second step - for example the social "collateral damage" of over-focused economization or the economic weakness of unfocused participatory models.


Concern orientation brings a new orientation for professional action. Because concern always looks at both aspects of a field of action at the same time, at the thing and the person, at the task and the power to shape it, at connectedness and freedom, at what is "at hand" and what the person acting makes his (heart's) concern. It does not treat one aspect as a disturbance in the goal-oriented, conclusive pursuit of the other (and vice versa), but both as forces - albeit in tension - which must be brought into harmony (Stimmigkeit). Just as HARMONIA once did.