HARMONIA Academy offers WisdomThinking® education and leadership trainings.


WisdomThinking®- Trainings


Real solutions need wise thinking. Thinking that perceives people and companies as free and connected forces in their fields of action. Thinking that grasps the interplay of forces - no matter how complex - as a whole. Thinking that uses a common concern as a force and orientation and arrives at harmonious solutions through the effect of resonance.


This is exactly what HARMONIA Academy offers: Three unique trainings on Wisdom Thinking® - each compact, practical, intensive and at the highest level:




WisdomThinking® Potentials Coaching:
Become a wise sparring partner who knows businesses in all important aspects, asks the right questions and opens up new paths.


WisdomThinking® Coaching:
Become a wise supporter of leaders of any level and orientation, making them strong for coherent solutions and wise decisions.


WisdomThinking® Organizational Consulting:
Become a wise pilot guiding organizations through the heavy waters of change processes. 


Learning experience: All trainings are structured as intensive courses with a maximum of 12 participants, mostly in 2-day practical workshops (modules), so that intensive work and individual support is always guaranteed. In each case, they cover the underlying mindset, methodology, specific skills and special tools. In addition, they highlight the most important theoretical background and focus on safe and effortless mastery in practical application. You are welcome to work on your own topics, cases, difficulties or questions within this framework. 


Participants: All trainings are designed as open events, where people from a wide variety of professions, industries, ages and backgrounds meet and get into learning and working together. Our previous participants have always appreciated this as particularly enriching. See also our participant testimonials. Since the first 7 days of each training are similar, successful graduates can request 7 days of credit at another training. 



Leadership Trainings as Inhouse Formats

Harmonia Academy also offers training on specific skills for executives, tailored to the needs of the client and at the highest level. Lift your executives and leadership teams to a new level.



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