WisdomThinking® and Action-Systemic® Trainings
HARMONIA Academy makes an unique offer: Trainings in WisdomThinking® and Action-Systemics®. As a core competence for people who have a concern and want to create their world harmoniously. The methodology makes it possible to focus on the concrete action and at the same time to consider the embedding of the action in the whole context of action with all its interactions. And thus to live freedom in connectedness. This is what makes it so unique and effective.  
Currently, the HARMONIA Academy offers the following five training courses:


WisdomThinking® Basic (4 days)
WisdomThinking® Leader (6 days)
WisdomThinking® / Aktion-Systemic® Coach (10 days)
WisdomThinking® / Aktions-Systemic® Facilitator (10 days)
WisdomThinking® Trainer (6 days)
WisdomThinking® Basic
is the basic training that familiarizes you with method, tools and working on your own issues, and is a prerequisite for all further trainings. WisdomThinking® Leader opens up the application of WisdomThinking® to the challenges of business, project and people management. The coaching training brings the extension of the methodology to the relationship with third parties (clients) and their concerns. At the same time, it is a prerequisite for the trainings to become an organizational developer (WisdomThinking® Facilitator) and a WisdomThinking® Trainer. Here is a graphical overview of the trainings and their relationship to each other:


All trainings are structured as intensive courses with a maximum of 12 participants, mostly in 2-day practical workshops (modules), so that intensive work and individual support is always guaranteed. They each cover the underlying mindset, the specific skills and the special tools of the trade. They also shed light on the most important theoretical background and focus on safe and effortless mastery in practical application.