Godmother of our name and our way of working is the Greek goddess HARMONIA (accented on the "i"), symbol of natural order in cosmos, music and social relations (harmony). She overcame war, chaos, blockade and torpor by leading all forces involved casually into a with instead of against each other. According to legend, she steered her chariot particularly quickly and safely to her wedding with Kadmos by ingeniously combining the different powers and characters of the harnessed animals.


HARMONIA's art: She creates powerfully, without forcing and planning. Simply by navigating along a concern (Anliegen). She achieves her special ability to act through cooperation and ease instead of struggle and cramp, through connectedness instead of separation, concerns instead of goals, harmony (Stimmigkeit) instead of conclusiveness. Always when things are open, unpredictable, complex, contradictory. And they almost always are, despite all modern efforts to control and monitor. But: open processes cannot be controlled, only mastered!


The approach of Harmonia is not based on the conclusive-rational logic that we take for granted today, but on a harmonic logic based on the principle of resonance. Harmony and resonance presuppose that things are interrelated and can resonate with each other; separate things cannot come into resonance and achieve harmony.


The "scream" here is that in our world, all forces, not just physical forces, but social forces as well, are inherently resonant. When we stop actively suppressing this fact through our over-fixation on conclusive rationality and functional, often even binary, differentiation, we regain the natural basis of our relationships, namely resonance with the possibility of harmony.


Further thoughts on the topics of harmony (as a principle of order), concern (Anliegen), resonance, harmony (as Stimmigkeit), wholeness and the consequences can be found in our socio-political impulse, the Harmonia Manifesto.