Harmonic Canvasses

Harmonic Canvasses are our offline tools for working with one or more individuals or organizations and their concerns. As poster print in DIN B0 for haptic work with canvas, post-its and pens.


Harmonic Canvasses exist on several levels: The Action Canvas for the action level, the Leadership Canvas for the management level and the Organisation Canvas for harmonious (corporate) organisation.


Harmonic Canvasses are wonderful tools for internal and external consultants as well as professionals in management positions who want to work with employees, departments or management live and in color on whatever moves them. Be it strategies, projects or operations, be it conflicts, organization or change.


Since the Harmonic Canvasses provide less guidance for the user than the Harmonic Guides or Masters and are far less elaborated for specific topics, working with them requires a solid training. Particularly since, in case of doubt, the work is not done on one's own concerns, but on the concerns of third parties (customers, companies), which is once again a special work perspective.


Therefore, licenses to use the Harmonic Action Canvasses can only be purchased by graduates of our training courses. Harmonic Action Canvasses come in 6 variations and likewise their online counterpart, the Harmonic Facilitation Guide, with 6 maps.