Guidance by Harmonia Logic is not a classic consulting service, but rather a concern-oriented consulting for organizations and their members. We directly use the highly effective methodology and practical tools of WisdomThinking® whenever appropriate, but also more general approaches from systemics, creativity and mediation whenever this seems more practical.


We do not see an organization as a set of numbers, but as an organism of people with a shared concern that they pursue together. In the end, our guidance is always about the organization of this cooperation: about the support in aligning all involved forces on their own initiative to the shared concern, no matter how contradictory, changeable and different they are. And thus to find ways to promote the shared concern together.


We see ourselves as advocates of the concern. As those who never lose sight of the client's concerns and provide working formats that help all parties involved to work out and pursue their concerns. We provide the tools and methods that support the client's harmonious intelligence and, like catalysts, facilitate his work process. Based on a systemic understanding, supplemented by perspectives on concerns, resonance and harmony, validated by a tough test in business practise.


In the opinion of our customers this works quickly and effectively. Why? Because we neither analyse problems for an unnecessarily long time nor rush to find solutions. Instead, we take the time to work with the real concern and thus use the power to pave the way and make sure that the solutions we find really work.


Concern orientation embraces openness and unity, offers alignment and flexibility, dynamics and balance, speed and prudence, effectiveness and damage prevention, freedom of design and cooperation. In other words, what is desperately sought in the working world today.


Interested? Questions? Suggestions? Then please contact us via email ( or phone (+49.3491.8731377). We are looking forward to hearing from you.