Our tools are images of the approach of harmonic intelligence. They all consist of the combination of two elements,


  • the visualization of a structured resonance field in which all relevant forces and their interactions with each other are mapped, and
  • an instruction manual (assistant) that guides through the phases and steps of the process that harmonic intelligence prescribes.


Harmonic Guides are online tools for everyone - private individuals, professionals, founders and entrepreneurs. Harmonic Guides are specially prepared for specific topics and users. So everyone can approach their concerns in a playful way without training and education and come to harmonious solutions.


Harmonic Masters are special Corporate Harmonic Guides for specific topics of companies and employees, e.g. strategy, integrity and leadership, which can sometimes be more complex. Harmonic Masters are also made for independent work without a consultant; however, a kick-off training is helpful for these more difficult topics and the confident mastery of the sometimes broader functionality.


Harmonic Canvasses are our offline tools for external and internal consultants as well as professionals in management positions to work with employees and departments in workshops - classical and haptic with DIN B0 canvas, post-its and pens. Their use requires training.