Leadership Trainings

HARMONIA Academy also offers trainings on specific leadership skills for business or administrativ managers and managing teams, from middle managers right up to executives. These are usually not offered by the Academy directly as open events, but are tailored for a client's executives or customers. Examples:


  • A training for the governing body of an independent school in 5 modules of 3 days each,
  • a certified training course for the science managers of a university in 8 modules of 2 days each,
  • a training course for municipal managers (heads of offices, mayors, etc.) over several modules of 2 days each
  • a training course for the managers of a hidden champion (technology SME) over 7 x 1 days
  • and much more ....


In addition to the specific topics of the commissioning organization, elements of the training courses are, depending on the requirements, generally topics such as good communication, constructive handling of conflicts, personnel management, process management, organizational culture, shaping the future and strategy. In addition to teaching the relevant skills, it is particularly important for us to practice them and to ensure their effectiveness in the specific organization.


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