HARMONIA Manifesto

The Harmonia Manifesto is our socio-political impulse. In 12 theses with brief explanations we have highlighted how our harmonious action could look like in the 21st century and what it would change in the world. We want to encourage people not to suffer the future, but to shape it actively and creatively. And in doing so, to tie in with the roots of our very own ability, instead of getting caught up in familiar cultural hypnosis.

The manifesto is aimed at all those who are looking for different strategies for action in order to be able to deal better with the challenges of the 21st century: in a private or professional context, as representatives of companies, organisations or administrations, as an active member of civil society, as a politician ...

The Harmonia Manifesto attempts to work out the principles of harmony and concern orientation and to support a corresponding change of mindset individually, but also on a systemic and institutional level.

In practical terms, this means, for example, taking all forces in the resonance field with you instead of fighting them and regulating them away. Above all, however, it means thinking about the consequences of the action in the first step, instead of blindly acting seemingly efficiently at first and then partially repairing the damage in a second step. The approach is therefore essentially not a compensatory one, but a liberal one, which however empathically takes the context into account (freedom in connectedness).


More at: www.harmoniamanifest.net