Harmonic Guides

The Harmonic Guides are our online tools for everyone - individuals, professionals, founders, entrepreneurs and consultants. So that you can find support for your harmoniously intelligent actions in all situations in life, simply and playfully.


We cover this range with various categories of harmonic guides, including


  • Harmonic Life Guides for all people,
  • Harmonic SDG Guides for acting sustainably in business (professionals, small businesses, company founders and entrepreneurs)
  • Harmonic Facilitation Guides as an online version of the Harmonic Canvasses especially for the graduates of our training courses.


Harmonic Guides support with their specific maps on specific topics. There are several maps for each guide at no extra cost, so that many topics can be covered with one guide. The Life Guide starts, for example, with maps on everyday life and career, which are supplemented over time with maps on other topics. Facilitation and SDG Guides each have different topic-specific maps.


The current status and details can be found at www.harmonicguides.com.