Our Network of Certified Harmonic Facilitators

We want to offer professional support to all interested parties from all possible industries and contexts nationwide. Since we cannot do this alone, we are gradually building up a network of Certified Harmonic Facilitators in cooperation with the graduates of our training courses.


All members of the network are fully qualified wonderful harmonic facilitators and at the same time great professionals in their respective fields. Currently listed as members are:



name: Ingeborg Molster
work focus: leadership, facilitation, coaching, personal and team development
location: Berlin
email: ingeborg@molster-international.com




name: Dirk Harms
work focus: chronic illness, end-of-life decisions, palliative care and suicide, ethical case conferences, development of specialized palliative care teams
location: Brandenburg an der Havel, Berlin
email: palliativmedizin.harms@gmail.com


name: Andreas Borrmann
work focus: pedagogy (eurythmy - language; theatre)
location: Berlin and Stuttgart
phone: +49.30.80906252;
email: borrmand@posteo.de
name: Anne Gromov
work focus: counselling for parents with children in difficult life situations (illnesses/disabilities, puberty, foster/adoptive children, school problems/ bullying, separation/death in the family)
location: Düsseldorf
phone: +49.0178.5121070
email: all-about-you@outlook.de
name: Kai Malkwitz
work focus: entrepreneurship / foundation of (sustainable) companies
location: Berlin
email: kai@malkwitz.com
name: Luminita Nemtanu
work focus: coaching on family, partnership, career
location: Berlin
contact: nemtanu.l@web. de
name: Christoph Pörksen
work focus: consulting, coaching, supervision (administration / NGOs)
location: Berlin
web: www.poerksen-coaching.de
email: cpoerksen@gmail.com
name: Simone Rieger
work focus: science management and marketing (project planning, scientific career planning)
location: Eichstätt, Ingolstadt and Berlin
email: rieger@culture-and-science.de
name: Franziska-Marie Scholz
work focus: music (pedagogy, organization and concerts)
location: Hannover and Berlin
email: kontakt@fmscholz.com

name: Thomas Wegmann (MBA & Eng.)
work focus: personality development, career and life decisions
location: Berlin, D-A-CH
phone: +49.170.8049988,
email: thomas.wegmann@klarsehen.org
web: www.klarsehen.org