Harmonious action: Core competence in the 21st century - training for people who have a concern


HARMONIA Academy offers something unique: education and training in harmony as a principle of action. The core competence for all who have a concern and want to shape their world. For leadership, conflicts, change, development, innovation, organization or application of law, for business, consulting, politics, administration, municipalities, science, education, associations or NGOs.


Because no matter what action is required: Harmony always makes a difference. And opens up possibilities that previously seemed unthinkable. The more far-reaching an action is, the more important it is that it is harmonious. However, this requires a mindset, an attitude and tools that are different from the usual. Just what we offer.


A key to harmonoius action is to focus on concerns rather than goals, interests, power, relationships or values. A mindset that moves things forward through focus and combines it with an all-round view that takes into account the context. Unusual and powerful. Ancient and forward-looking. Unifying and liberating.


The broad spectrum of offers of HARMONIA Academy is divided into three areas:


  • into the training courses for consultants and practitioners who want to learn the coherent methodology themselves,
  • in Basics for all professionals who want to acquire skills and mindsets beyond the standard,
  • in leadership courses for practitioners who want to make the world of coherent action useful for their leadership tasks.

In our events we also provide insights into current topics from the world of harmonious action and information events on our range of services.


Just browse a little and get inspired! We look forward to seeing you!