Harmonic Facilitation

Target group

The training is aimed at all those who work as facilitators with other people and their concerns. These could be, for example:


  • all types of systemic consultants who are active in or aspire to work in the world of work or life, such as systemic coaches, supervisors, consultants, organisational developers or trainers
  • other systemic professionals who work, for example, in the (social) educational or therapeutic field, or
  • those non-systemic practitioners who, in their training and activities, have nevertheless become thoroughly familiar with the special perspectives and skills of this approach (cf. the contents of Module B), such as some mediators or therapists.


In our opinion, the expansion of one's own methodological competence through the harmonious approach is particularly exciting for systemic consultants and professionals, because it enables them to

  • get a method that connects and integrates the factual, technical and process levels in a special way, as has been tried again and again (e.g. in complementary consulting), but rarely achieved,
  • offer a valuable USP as a consultant and
  • create real added value for the customer.


Training contents

At the heart of the training is not only the sovereign mastery of the methodology and tools for one's own concerns, but also the application of the methodology in relation to third parties (clients) and their concerns. This includes in particular the questions of when and how to use the harmonious methodology as a consultant, and how to then guide and moderate this work. Naturally, the special skills required for this are taught.

The training for Harmonic Facilitation includes


  • the underlying mindset and the main theoretical background
  • the necessary basic and specific skills, especially soft skills and attitudes, as well as the questions of when and how to use the action-systemic methodology as a coach/consultant, and how to then guide and moderate this work
  • the special tools of the trade, especially the safe and effortless mastery of different variants of the Harmonic Action Canvas in practical application as a consultant.

In detail the training contains 4 modules with the following contents:



Module C1: Getting to know and adopt the harmonic approach

  • Compact introduction to the systemic approach and continuation to the harmonic approach
  • Getting to know the Harmonic Action Canvas as a central tool that visualizes and supports the harmonic facilitation
  • The inner structure and logic of the Harmonic Action Canvas
  • Developing and practicing the harmonic mindset
  • Classification in the existing landscape of methods (Theory U, Agile and integrative methods, evolutionary self-organisation)
  • Use the Harmonic Action Canvas yourself for your own concerns.


Module C2: Working the harmonic way

  • Deepening to the harmonic mindset and the power of the concern
  • Working on shared concerns with the Harmonic Action Canvas
  • Apply the Harmonic Action Canvas in different topic areas
  • Consolidation of mindset work: creativity and imagination in interaction with harmony, alternation between harmony and conclusiveness
  • Working with the Harmonic Action Canvas in groups and companies/institutions
  • The "1st journeyman's piece": working completely independently with the Harmonic Action Canvas.


Module C3: Facilitation with the Harmonic Action Canvas

  • Working with the Harmonia Action Canvas on third-party concern
  • Developing and practicing harmonic facilitation competence (change of perspective, relationship between facilitator and expert consultant)
  • The art of the facilitators attitude
  • Communicate and moderate as a facilitator
  • Consolidation exercises for dialogical communication and moderation
  • Facilitating a practice case with the Harmonic Action Canvas.


Module C4: Mastering challenges in facilitation with the Harmonic Action Canvas

  • Save and rehash what has been learned so far
  • Recognizing and mastering difficult consulting situations (e.g. dealing with different group constellations and value conflicts, neutrality, multipartiality versus involvement, empathy)
  • The range of working as a harmonic facilitation
  • Discover the world of the digital Harmonic Action Canvas (Harmonic Guide)
  • Presentation of practical cases of the participants ("2nd journeyman's piece")
  • What happens after the training?
  • Graduation.


Scope of the training

The training is designed as an intensive course with a maximum of 12 participants and 3-day practical workshops (modules), so that intensive work and individual support is always guaranteed. It lasts about 6 months and comprises four three-day attendance phases (modules) and three incubation phases in between. These important phases offer the opportunity to practice what has been learned, to deepen it and - if desired - to exchange successes, difficulties and other experiences with other participants. The modules each comprise 25 lessons of 45 minutes each without breaks (24 hours with breaks), i.e. a total of 100 lessons of 45 minutes each without breaks (96 hours with breaks). Drinks and snacks are provided.


Other services

  • License to use the Harmonic Action Canvas as a high quality poster print in DIN BO format for your own work during the training.
  • All working materials are made available in a separate log-in area created for the training.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • The certification provides access to the Harmonic Action Canvas Licence portfolio: For an annual license fee you can use the Harmonic Action Canvasse as a stable tarpaulin in DIN B0 format or as an online tool.
  • For the duration of the license, inclusion in the Harmonic Experts Network (HEN) and listing on harmonialogic.com/network.



The dates of the attendance phases (modules) for the respective training course can be found on this page in the top right-hand corner. With the conclusion of the training contract these dates are binding. To ensure that the training runs smoothly, it is important that all participants ensure in advance that they are really available on these dates.

In case of unforeseeable prevention (e.g. illness) we try to find individual solutions. However, since the training modules are completely based on each other in terms of content, they cannot be completed in a different order.




The fee for the first round starting in January 2021 is EUR 3,360 plus VAT instead of regular EUR 4,800 plus VAT (Discount of 30 % = EUR 1,440). By special arrangement, the amount can also be paid in instalments. Partial scholarships are possible for a few places in special exceptional cases. Please talk to us.

The training contract will be sent to you by e-mail for signing after receipt of your registration. A legally valid contract is only concluded upon receipt of the signed contract by Harmonia Academy.