WisdomThinking® Trainer - Training the Trainer

The WisdomThinking® Trainer Training is designed for graduates of the WisdomThinking® Coach and the WisdomThinking® Facilitation Training who also want to train in the WisdomThinking® Method. The WisdomThinking® Trainer Training is part of a Training Partner Agreement, which entitles to conduct the basic training in this methodology (WisdomThinking® Basic) and to certify the graduates.


The training provides in 6 days the confident content and skills for successful trainings in the basics of the WisdomThinking® methodology.


Contents of Module 1: Training contents

  • The contents of the WisdomThinking® Basic training from the perspective of the trainer
  • Didactics, challenges and pitfalls, internal differentiation and different backgrounds
  • Requirements and training goals.


Content of Module 2: Trainer Skills

  • Guiding the participant along their concern
  • Supporting skills and attitudes of the trainer
  • Specific settings.


Content of Module 3: The trainer personality and conclusion

  • Reflection of the own trainer personality, authenticity in the trainer role
  • Transfer into the own daily training routine
  • Final presentation.


The training will be available in two formats:

  • in 3 modules of 2 days each over 3 months in Berlin (1st day 10:00 - 18:00, 2nd day 9:00 - 17:00)
  • as a compact training from Monday to Saturday 6 days en bloc in beautiful nature in the Berlin area.


Number of participants: In both cases min. 6 and max. 12 participants.


Scope of services:

  • The modules together comprise approx. 52 teaching hours of 45 minutes each without breaks (approx. 48 time hours with breaks).
  • Drinks and snacks are provided.
  • License to use the relevant HarmonicGuides for your own work during the training.
  • All work materials are provided in a separate log-in area created for the training.
  • Certificate of Completion.


Costs, registration, contact:


The participation fee is EUR 2,400 plus 19% VAT (EUR 2,856 gross).


Contact and registration:   Harmonia Academy, Dr. Elke Böckstiegel, Tel. +49.30.79016671 or kontakt@harmoniaacademy.de


The course description as pdf.