WisdomThinking® Practitioner - The trainings for your personal life

The WisdomThinking® Practitioner Trainings are aimed at all those who want to advance their personal issues with this methodology. No matter if in private life (family, relationship, friends), in professional life (career) or in social life (voluntary work, school, club, neighborhood, as a citizen). Even in many areas of personal life, things are becoming increasingly confusing, ambivalent and complex. The WisdomThinking® Practitioner trainings support you in finding new ways, decisions and solutions in these contexts, taking all participants along with you and thus making your life more harmonious.


The intensive trainings offer not only compact input to the WisdomThinking® method, but also gives ample space to work on your own topics, experience, practice, reflect and exchange. There are three plans for the WisdomThinking® Practitioner Trainings:



Why should I learn WisdomThinking® for myself personally?


Because WisdomThinking® helps you to live more harmoniously. The WisdomThinking® Practitioner Trainings give you support to think about your personal actions and consequently act less out of existing constraints, but more resonantly out of connectedness with your world. For all of us, with our actions, are not isolated actors in an adverse environment that needs to be mastered or conquered. Rather, we are a source of impulses in an environment of resonant, i.e. interacting influences that need to be perceived and taken into account. This change of perspective and mastering its effects in personal life is the core of this training.


To live more harmoniously also means to be able to deal confidently with


  • the confusion and complexity of a rapidly changing world
  • the increasingly individualized ideas in private, professional and social contexts
  • the necessity to find more coherent solutions and decisions together with others
  • as well as with the urgent and immense future questions for all generations.

And here, traditional approaches are not enough. It needs the special twist, the change of perspective that WisdomThinking® brings to the art of personal life design.



What can you do better at the end of the training?


With WisdomThinking® Practitioner Trainings you will:


  • decide more confidently under uncertainty (alone or with others)
  • find new coherent solutions
  • involve all participants or even turn them into (co-)designers and
  • then get what needs to be done really powerfully "on the road".

Because WisdomThinking® strengthens your ability to "read" the context of a decision well, to involve all parties better in your actions and make your life more harmonious.



Curious? Try it out! With one of the three plans. More info? Just click on the corresponding plan above! Or just contact us!