WisdomThinking® Leader - The Leadership Trainings

The WisdomThinking® Leader Trainings are aimed at leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, project management, HR and anyone who wants to lead with this methodology. Whether realignment, sustainability or digitalization, whether new work or virtual diverse teams, whether team level or C-level, everywhere new, wise leadership with WisdomThinking® is needed. It supports to find new harmonious ways, decisions and solutions in complex and unclear contexts and to bring along all involved.


The intensive training offers not only compact input on the WisdomThinking® method as a leadership approach, but also provides ample space to practically work on, experience, practice, reflect and exchange on your own topics. There are three plans for the WisdomThinking® Leader Trainings:


Why leadership with WisdomThinking® ?


The WisdomThinking® Leader Trainings add a crucial dimension to your leadership skills: to think and practice leadership not only from functional differentiation, but also from resonance. For all of us, with our actions, are not isolated actors in an adverse environment that must be dominated or conquered. Rather, we are impulse generators in an environment of resonant, i.e. interacting, influences that need to be perceived and taken into account. This change of perspective and mastering its effects in leadership practice is the core of this training.


Leadership with WisdomThinking® is the answer to the fact that many leadership approaches are no longer suitable for the future. And it starts today. Therefore, the skills that were made for stable, predictable contexts - for example in the industrial mass production of the past - need to be expanded for the requirements of the sustainable knowledge economy. So that leaders can deal confidently


  • with the confusion and complexity of a VUCA world
  • the dysfunctional effects of outdated but still valid system alignments
  • the urgent and immense sustainability and digitization tasks, as well as
  • with virtual, diverse and new working worlds (New Work).

And here, agile, integral or purpose approaches are not enough. It needs the special twist, the change of perspective that WisdomThinking® brings to the art of leadership.


What can you do better at the end of the training?


With WisdomThinking® Leader Trainings you will:


  • decide more confidently under uncertainty (VUCA) (alone or in a team)
  • find new harmonious solutions
  • involve all participants or even turn them into (co-)entrepreneurs, and
  • then get what needs to be done really effectively "on the road".

Because WisdomThinking® strengthens your ability to "read" the context of a decision well, thereby minimizing bias and noise in your judgment (Kahnemann) and also better engaging all stakeholders.



Curious? Give it a try! With one of the three training plans. More info? Just click on the corresponding plan above! Or just contact us!