WisdomThinking® Basic - The Basic Training

WisdomThinking® Basic is the basic training in every respect. Here, the basic understanding of the method and the fundamentals of its application with the WisdomThinking® tools are taught and practiced. Therefore WisdomThinking® Basic is also the basis of all further WisdomThinking® trainings.


WisdomThinking® Basic is aimed at all those who want to apply this methodology for themselves, whether in a professional, private or social context. The basic training teaches in 2 x 2 days the confident application of the WisdomThinking® method for one's own concerns. It leads simply and effectively from concerns to harmonious decisions and actions.


Content of Module 1: Get to know and experience WisdomThinking®.


  • Compact introduction to the action-systemic attitude as a basis for WisdomThinking®
  • Getting to know the HarmonicLifeGuides as a central tool for visualization and structuring
  • The inner structure and logic of the HarmonicLifeGuides
  • Working out and practicing the harmonious basic attitude.


Contents of Module 2: Deepening WisdomThinking®


  • Practicing WisdomThinking® on your own concerns
  • Stimulating alternation between self-work, collegial collaboration and support of the instructors
  • Common spaces for reflection.


Start and end times:

Day of each module: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Day of each module: 09:00 - 17:00 hrs.


Scope of Services:

  • Modules total approximately 35 hours of instruction, 45 minutes each, without breaks (approximately 32 hours of time with breaks).
  • Drinks and snacks are provided.
  • License to use the HarmonicLifeGuide for your own work during the training.
  • All working materials are provided in a separate log-in area created for the training.
  • Certificate of Completion.


Costs, Registration, Contact


The participation fee is EUR 1,600 plus 19% VAT (EUR 1,904 gross).


Contact and registration:   Harmonia Academy, Dr. Elke Böckstiegel, Tel. +49.30.79016671 or kontakt@harmoniaacademy.de


The course description as pdf.