WisdomThinking® Summit 2020

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WisdomThinking® Method and WisdomThinking® Summit 2020 on October 8th


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WisdomThinking® Summit 2020, October 8th from 15 - 19 hrs

The first event around the topic WisdomThinking®

Online as zoom conference in English with max. 99 participants


Facilitation: Kai Malkwitz, Serial Entrepreneur, Impact-Startup & Ecosystem Builder, Start-up Mentor and Coach


Room 1: Keynote, 4 conversations with wise activists plus plenary session

Room 2: Questions of the participants and reflections with the panelists


We are pleased to have won 4 fascinating personalities as panelists for the topics related to WisdomThinking®, who have been getting around the world and are involved in multiple discussions and perspectives worldwide:

  • Thomas Schindler: serial entrepreneur, technology wizard, speaker, world-changer
  • Ingeborg Diebold-Molster: Business psychologist, ex-HR manager, organizational consultant and coach
  • Daria Markova: serial entrepreneur, program designer and coach for Future of Work and Zebra start-ups, university lecturer
  • Fabian Seewald: Event Designer, Trainer & Artistic Coach (Art Changes People & People Change the World), CEO Dundu Illuminated Giant Puppets


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WisdomThinking® is a method that makes things going easily. Whether it's about projects in my job and everyday life or the big changes in our open, adaptive and complex world - if we don't want to get stuck in system constraints and complexity, a new approach is needed. Because the old approaches simply no longer work - the current crises show it all too clearly. It is time to finally do what is important and meaningful for us!


But how can we master complexity without reducing it and thus failing to meet the challenge? With WisdomThinking® - wise thinking for harmonious action along shared concerns. The good thing is: it is amazingly simple - with a little support everyone can do it. And it has enormous impact.


Looking forward to seeing you,


Elke Böckstiegel und Martin Böckstiegel


Interested? More at: www.wisdom-thinking.com


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